wedding seating plan

The seating plan is definitely one of the challenging and in my opinion most important tasks when planning a wedding and nobody can take it off you completely, because you know your guests best. However, there are definitely a few tips how you can create a good atmosphere. But there's enough input for a new blog entry.


Once, the seating chart has been arranged, I love to create a creative wedding seating plan. For the wonderful wedding that I organized in July, we custom-made the following seating plan:


We used the following:


- an old wooden frame (buy second-hand from a flea market or online market place)

- small escort cards: in this case the wedding invitation and stationery designer made them

- flower decoration

- twisted yarn

- clips that go well with the frame, the escort cards and maybe the wedding's overall colour theme

- push pins


The yarn was attached to the back of the frame and then I used gold clips to attach the escort cards in alphabetical order to the yarn. This has the advantage that they can be changed up to the last minute, while seating charts sometimes have to be printed a few days in advance.